Lassen Sie sich inspirieren von den Projekten der Anderen. Kommen Sie vorbei und schauen Sie sich Wände an, die bereits mit Novelio® Nature Tapeten dekoriert und geschützt wurden.

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ADFORS training centre Litomyšl (CZ)

Ort: Czech republic

Investor: Saint-Gobain ADFORS

Dekorateur: Dolestav company

Verwendete Tapete:

Pure grape

Pure rice

Where else than in offices, meeting rooms and training centre of our mother company should be the new product used? So Novelio® Nature, pattern Pure, colours Grape and Rice we used during the renovation of training centre in headquarter of the company in Czech Republic.

"We were impressed how easy is to work with Novelio Nature - easy to cut, very good adhesion and mainly - not visible joints", said decorator Josef Popelka from the Dolestav company.


Best Western Halland Hotel in Gothenburg (SE)

Ort: Sweden

Investor: the owners Joakim Torbing, Johan Åkerlind and Andreas Gustafsson

Dekorateur: Erik Nilsson from painter company Sandå

Verwendete Tapete:

Charm sandbank

Charm balticblue

According to Joakim Torbing, one of the owners of this popular hotel (restaurant), the main purpose of the renovation project was to transform the “clinical” atmosphere of the eatery creating a cosy and warm environment that would give guests a more “home from home” feeling.

The solution pleased both hotel owners and guests: “It feels like a very exclusive wall covering. The new lamps together with the wall covering are creating a really nice atmosphere in the restaurant and we have only received positive comments from our guests.”, Torbing says.

Erik Nilsson, the painter who applied the Novelio Nature wall coverings reinforces: “People are getting tired of just white. I want to change the colours of at least some of the walls in my own apartment and the colours of Novelio Nature are just right.”


Saint-Gobain training center Greenworks (UK)

Ort: United Kingdom

Investor: Saint-Gobain Greenworks

Dekorateur: Torben Hemberg, Simon Bennett

Verwendete Tapete:

Pure nutmeg

Flair sandbank

The first week in September 2015 Simon, Torben and Benjamin (all from S-G Adfors) applied Nature in SG training centre Greenworks and the result you can value from Mr. Marcus Jefford (Greenworks Manager) words: "I am absolutely bowed over, it looks fantastic and far better than I ever expected. I really think this has improved the look but really highlighted what a great product this actually is."